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We're email, e-commerce and fintech experts. We have a proven track record in delivering complex solutions to diverse industries.

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Going mobile will help your business streamline operations through functionality & leverage of modern technologies.

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We’ve combined our technical expertise and proven knowledge of latest trends by developing solutions with a better user-experience and measurable results for all products- new or existing. If you’re looking for solutions for email, we’re a one-stop-shop- from delivery service to reputation management.

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Optimail Company Limited

Address: RS Tower 16th floor, 121 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

Our Team

KarolFull-stack Developer

Karol has been working in IT for 5 years in both startups and bigger companies. He loves programming and has been doing this for much longer as a hobby. His experience is quite broad - he has been working with backend and frontend technologies, as well as with devops related tasks.

KevinFront-end Developer

Kevin is well experienced working with corporate and startup companies. Loves to work with web focusing on front end development, paying attention to the quality of work on design and under the hood UI layouts and functionalities. Always eager to learn adapt to upcoming challenges

BrianFront-end Developer

An Avid Gamer who constantly involved himself with tech, eventually became passionate about learning to code. After graduating college with a degree in IT, he worked for startups and chose Web Development as a primary focus. Eventually became a Fullstack Web Developer, focusing more on Vue as the Front-end Framework to build stunning websites/apps.

CarlBack-end Developer

Started his career as a freelancer working on different projects and gathering extensive experience. Now part of Optimail working with a technically strong team solving complex problems. Always displays a strong desire to put together well-written code which helps create advanced applications using modern technologies.


Fuse brings a host of technical abilities to his work, drawing inspiration from his background working on design projects in Europe. Fuse has the ability to optimize and streamline project workflow using the most suitable tools for the job.


After being a digital nomad for years, she found a great company and awesome colleagues to work with. Geraldine provides administrative and HR support, social media marketing and software testing.


Results-driven Software Engineer & Project Manager turned Founder of a High-Tech Startup. With over 10 years of international experience, he has managed, designed and implemented efficient, easy-to-maintain IT Software Products and Services, based on advanced technical expertise.

NghiMobile Developer

A developer who loves to work at a startup, together with a devoted team. He has worked in many fields with desktop apps and websites and now loves and is passionate about developing mobile applications.


A passionate online marketeer with more than 10 years’ experience in working with many brands, marketing channels and tools and has gained invaluable experience from all of them, which he used to create Optimail. Loves project management and web consulting and always does his best to find the perfect marketing funnel and combine a great product with a detailed marketing study.

SaraProject Manager

Focused Project Manager with 5 years’ experience driving unique projects and leading an effective team, can perform multi-function management and business analysis for various projects. Skilled at applying customer service concepts to IT to improve user experience for clients, employees and administration.

BarryTechnical Co-ordinator /Team Lead

Barry has worked in IT for over 20 years. He has worked for International NGO's, Software Development Companies, Publishing and Startups.

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